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Ujjal Dutta

Ujjal Dutta

Ujjal Dutta

“Business Development is the link between all the internal segments (marketing, sales, talent development, and customer service) in one functional and operating company and the external ones (potential partnerships, new business opportunities, client relations). Being the head of the business development invites numerous challenges in the spontaneous ever-upgrading pharmaceutical and biotech market with stringent regulatory requirements. In my distinguishing role, I have focused on expanding our engineering capabilities beyond the present boundaries from Europe to Africa, Asia Pacific and other regions of the globe dissolving the geological and cultural differences and attaining sustainability and affordability.”

Name: Ujjal Dutta

Education: B.E. Mechanical / MBA – International Trade Management

Joined Elomatic: September 2011

Office: India

Current Position: General Manager (Business Development)

Tasks: New Market Development, Business Growth and Client Sustainability

Why Elomatic?

The development and implementation of innovation has always been close to my heart since achieving my engineering degree.

Before joining Elomatic, I worked in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry promoting technical solutions for bioprocess filtration (upstream & downstream) and sterile process filtration applications. I wanted to leverage this opportunity by working with a reputed European engineering consultancy like Elomatic, where I could have access to diverse and rich expertise in design and promote scientifically and technically affordable engineering solutions to our clients globally.

At Elomatic, the management has offered me freedom at work, unmatched leadership and the opportunity to grow at a rapid pace. I always remain proud of joining Elomatic.

How has it turned out?

There is very nice saying that “If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea..."

I joined Elomatic as Business Development Manager in 2011. We sailed the ship through the rough seas of uncertainty and fear to our destination on the other side where we have enjoyed calm and peaceful seas. For me, in my current portfolio, it feels like our sales/business strategy is the wind, Elomatic’s cutting-edge knowledge is the sail, and the project team is the vessel.

In my tenure of more than 7 years at Elomatic, we have crossed our boundaries, territories and achieved remarkable success and esteem from our clients by gaining their confidence by designing and executing numerous biotech, high-containment and pharmaceutical facilities within the set timetables and budgets.

What I do in my free time

I am part of a conservative Bengali family. Traditional and cultural values have always been important to me as well as the influence of songs and music. I love listening to Bengali and Hindi songs in my free time. I also love playing chess in my leisure time, sipping tea and chatting about politics with my counterparts.