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Sanjay Kadam

Sanjay Kadam

Sanjay Kadam

“As an accountant my main role is to prepare business accounts, which I believe is an important function. It is interesting, but at the same time challenging as I have to follow the frequent changes happening in different taxation rules. Liaising with government authorities, bankers and fund managers is an integral part of my work. I see the challenges that come with the job as an opportunity to learn, grow and contribute more to Elomatic.”

Name: Sanjay Kadam

Education: B.Com., Industrial Certified Accountant, MBA-Finance

Joined Elomatic: September 2007

Office: India

Current Position: General Manager: Operations

Tasks: Finalization of books of accounts, Statutory compliances, MIS & Co-ordination with Finland office.

Why Elomatic?

I was transferred from Pharmalab to Elomatic India due to a sudden vacancy for a Senior Account Executive. Initially I was given the option to work at Elomatic India for 3 months until a permanent replacement could be found. I realized, however, that at Elomatic India there was scope to learn new things, to experience the working culture of our Finnish mother company and to show my talent.

How has it turned out?

In some respects it has been somewhat of a roller-coaster ride through our initial set-up and trying to establish ourselves. I always believed that Elomatic Finland would support us and gain confidence in our Indian team.

Now we can proudly say that Elomatic India is a well-established design and consulting company in India. I like my team members and we all work together as a team. The atmosphere in the office is also good.

With hindsight I have realized that I made the right decision by staying on at Elomatic India. We have nowadays diversified our business tactics by taking on turnkey deliveries and I very much enjoy these new challenges and responsibilities. Overall it is a wonderful experience working at Elomatic India.

What I do in my free time

Normally I spend my free time with my family, going out, reading books and watching sports. I also do some social work with orphanages. When I find the time I like going to the movies.