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Abhijit Suryakant Awari

Abhijit Suryakant Awari

Abhijit Suryakant Awari

“My job involves end-to-end coordination within different engineering disciplines and demands a variety of skills in order to be able to serve our customers best. It is very challenging to achieve the delivery targets with the desired quality and convincing the clients regarding the Engineering logics that work best. At the same time, it is also very rewarding to hear positive customer feedback when they appreciate our engineering capabilities.”

Name: Abhijit Suryakant Awari

Education: B.E (Production Engineering)

Joined Elomatic: June 2008

Office: India

Current Position: Asst. Manager-Projects

Tasks: Project Management

Why Elomatic?

I joined Elomatic as a trainee and was later promoted to Junior Engineer, Senior Engineer, Team Leader and finally to Assistant Manager. The six and a half year journey has had its ups and downs. At Elomatic one has the freedom to work and explore things. At the same time the learning curve is always active throughout your journey.

How has it turned out?

Initially I worked in Elomatic’s Mechanical & 3D department where general utilities and piping played a major role. Working in projects has increased my scope of work and at the same time the whole project understanding, its functioning and cooperating with all departments have been challenging tasks.

What I do in my free time

In my free time I surf the internet looking for places to visit and things to do. I love exploring new places and having a good time with friends.