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Core Competence

Core Competence

Elomatic, India focuses on providing end-to-end engineering and consulting solutions to the Life Sciences industry across all emerging economies worldwide. Our services range from providing solutions for non-sterile API plants up to highly complex cell culture facilities and other ancillary facilities such as process development laboratories, pilot plants and quality control laboratories. With the advent of personalized medicine, we are also well equipped to design state-of-the-art stem cell facilities.


Our engineering is based on our clients’ process requirements. We understand the client’s process and do engineering around it without compromising the process.

Process engineering is a highly involved discipline in itself and we take great pride in providing feasible solutions to our clients that help in maximizing throughput of each unit operation, optimizing capacity and cycle time and minimizing operating expenditure and risk. We have experience of working on high containments facilities such as oncology, hormones, and BSL3 etc.

Project Management

Effective project management is the key to completion of a project within a stipulated time frame and an allocated budget. Elomatic efficiently uses Microsoft® Projects (MSP) to facilitate project management. Effective project management results in relatively more accurate milestone estimates and real time tracking of progress. It also highlights possible deviations from planned timelines and provides explanations in this regard.

At Elomatic, we follow a monthly reporting system wherein we provide our clients essential information on project progress as well as required information for the client's internal planning. This monthly reporting also facilitates cash flow management and resource allocation. The periodic review of activities fosters better communication between us and our clients.

We create a project specific Elodoc and project email id to keep track of all communications.

eBrowser can be the core for data queries, visualizations and work as a centralized user interface to find information from different sources. This includes integrations e.g. to preventive maintenance management, document management, inspection systems, risk analysis and process data analysis . As Cadmatic is used through the entire life cycle of the plant investment the owner can effectively manage the whole process from pre-design to operation and maintenance with the help of eBrowser.

HVAC & Clean Room Design

In the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry, HVAC and clean room design are as important as the process design itself. With the focus being on maintaining high standards of air quality within the contained areas, as well as that of the environment around the facility, HVAC and clean room design become critical. It has be ensured that the product is free of any contamination or foreign particles while the environment is free of any chemical or biological burdens that may be harmful to the surrounding habitat.

Electrical, Instrumentation & Automation

We provide end-to-end EIA (Electrical, Instrumentation & Automation) support to clients in order to align their operational requirements into a synchronized and cost effective automation configuration. Our EIA engineers are proficient in designing complex process facilities with inbuilt flexibility. The team has the competence to design, engineer and validate any facility with stand-alone PLC automation or PLC systems integrated with SCADA or DCS including in-built redundant systems. The system compliance is based on the application and the market demand.

We are fully competent to meet GAMP 5 & CFR 21 part 11 guidelines.


Cadmatic provides state-of-the-art solutions for 3D design, data management project reviews, site management and project communication. It is highly intuitive software that reduces design errors and provides accurate Bill of Quantities that helps in optimizing the procurement of piping materials and other equipment. The software allows for a virtual walk-through of the facilities before they are physically built.

Cadmatic for engineering, procurement and construction:

Cadmatic's powerful and user-friendly design tools improve engineering and design quality. Modelling of equipment and layout and routing of pipes, ducting cable trays and steel structures is fast and automated. Specification driven routing and the automatic selection of materials and connection types as well as on-line collision control and automatic document production are some of the features that improve quality and ease engineering and allow engineers to concentrate on design rather than on laborious routine tasks.


It is a data publishing tool that enables effective communication between all parties involved in plant investment projects by linking partners through the internet. Plant owners, designers, engineers, subcontractors and customers are all linked to a mutual 3D model allowing easy and concurrent project reviews and plant inspections, facilitated by the ability to virtually walk around the design area.


EloDoc is Elomatic’s proprietary comprehensive document management system. It systematically stores all project related documents. Engineering projects typically represent one of the most challenging environments for a document management system; a huge number of documents are simultaneously created, updated and modified by several teams and individuals. Finding the latest versions of the right documents is, however, vital also during plant operation, for example in maintenance related issues or in renovations. In order to meet this challenge Elomatic has expanded its service scope and now provides versatile and comprehensive document management services for the whole plant life cycle.

This is highly secure software with user identification, access control and user rights. Tracking of documents and revisions therein is easy as the software provides document numbering and version management. It also has a provision to link documents to a central server for document sharing purposes. EloDoc enables accurate control over all documents e.g. drawings, layouts, specifications, lists, and validation protocols, etc.

EloDoc Benefits

  • User identification and access control
  • Document version control
  • Dynamic hierarchies
  • Customization of document metadata
  • Extensive queries
  • Document id management
  • Complete integration with e-mails
  • Different database systems can be used (access, sql server)
  • Distributed file servers can be utilized
  • Basic web browser interface is available
  • Documents’ mass transfer to system from various data sources