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Elomatic focuses operations by selling Chinese engineering business to Etteplan

- The business transaction frees up Elomatic’s resources to develop its Polish and Indian business operations, among others, and boosts Etteplan’s growth in China.

Elomatic and Etteplan have agreed on the transfer of Elomatic’s Chinese engineering business operations to Etteplan. In practice this means that Elomatic’s 13 engineers and customerships are transferred to Etteplan. Elomatic’s Cadmatic software operations in China are not part of the business transaction.

Elomatic has been operating in China since 2008 and Etteplan since 2004. Etteplan was the first Nordic engineering office to start operations in China.

  • Elomatic will cease the development its mechanical engineering operations in China and focus on growth opportunities in other geographical regions. We are focusing our operations so that we can globally serve our customers effectively and with high quality. We believe that Elomatic’s customers in China will continue to receive good and effective services. We are happy that we found a good buyer for our business operations that secures the development of our experts and provides continuity for our customers, explains Elomatic CEO, Olli Manner.
  • Etteplan’s business operations have shown strong growth in China and this business transaction supports our goals in the Chinese market very well. After the business transfer we can offer the customers transferred from Elomatic an even more diverse service offering, says Etteplan Managing Director, Juha Näkki.

For more information please contact:

Olli Manner, Elomatic President, CEO, Tel +358 40 052 4843