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Elomatic’s Pekka Koivukunnas awarded prize of ‘Innovator of the Year’!

The Finnish Inventors National Federation has awarded Elomatic’s Pekka Koivukunnas the prize of Innovator the Year. He is currently employed as an Innovation Specialist at the Elomatic Helsinki office. The federation justifies its choice as follows:

Koivukunnas’ work is characterised by all the best features of successful innovators: the ability to listen to the customer, invent a solution to the customer’s problem, sell the visionary ability to solve problems and successfully run a professional innovation business.

Koivukunnas already has over 100 patents registered in his name. He has also drawn up a manual on how to use the Espacenet patent database to support product development.  

The Finnish Inventors National Federation prize was awarded on the Finnish National Innovators day on 8.11. The prize is awarded to a person who has changed the world with his/her invention(s).