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Wheat Starch Technology

Wheat Starch Technology

Elomatic provides complete process technology and turnkey solutions for wheat starch processing industries all over the world. The projects are implemented on a turnkey basis.

The services cover the entire life cycle of the plant,from feasibility studies to basic and detailed engineering, commissioning and start-up all the way up to maintenance and modifications.

Elomatic’s expertise in this field originates in the mid-1990s when it acquired the process technology from Raisio Group. Now we are able to place our more than 30 years’ experience in wheat starch processing at our customers’ disposal.

Key features of the wheat processing technology

  • Wheat processing into vital wheat gluten, native and modified starches and by-products
  • Flour and water are mixed directly into slurry
  • No delay before going into fractioning phase
  • No time for gluten formation before the flour is fractioned
  • Utilises almost all wheat qualities with a minimum water consumption and give the highest possible gluten yield and quality


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