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FEM Structural Analysis

FEM Structural Analysis

Our structural analysis experts have conducted thousands of structural, vibration, fatigue and heat analyses. The analysis results give you a clear indication as to what loads your structures will withstand. 

Where can structural analysis be applied?

Structural analysis is best suited to the concept and design phase of projects, but can also be used to study and correct structural problems of existing structures.

What are the benefits of Structural Analysis?

Ensuring structural strength in the early design phases avoids costly and even potentially dangerous design errors later on. In a best-case scenario structural analysis can completely eliminate the need to build and test prototypes.  

Special expertise areas

  • Machine parts and assemblies
  • Boilers
  • Vehicles
  • Steel structures
  • Lifting and safety equipment
  • Pressure vessels, tanks, silos
  • Piping
  • Trouble shooting services


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