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CFD Analysis

Structural Analysis

Elomatic provides a full range of services in the field of structural analysis and we are widely trusted partner for demanding structural analysis projects. Our structural analysis experts have conducted thousands of structural, vibration, fatigue and heat analyses. The analysis give you a clear indication as to what loads your structures will withstand, and if needed, recommendations.

Where can structural analysis be applied?

Structural analysis is best suited to the concept and design phase of projects, but can also be used to study and correct structural problems of existing structures.

What are the benefits of Structural Analysis?

Ensuring structural strength in the early design phases avoids costly and even potentially dangerous design errors later on. In a best-case scenario structural analysis can completely eliminate the need to build and test prototypes.  

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Structural analysis should be an obvious choice in

  • Classification
  • Product development
  • Concept studies
  • Optimization
  • Risk analysis
  • Troubleshooting
  • Customer care

Benefits of structural analysis

  • Fulfilling regulations
  • More reliable structures
  • Savings in manufacturing and product life-cycle costs
  • Decreased need for prototypes
  • Handy comparison of alternatives
  • Savings in product development time
  • Prediction of overall performance
  • Efficient decision-making support
  • Enhanced environmental friendliness
  • Increased knowledge of the final product or process
  • Effortless troubleshooting
  • Material and weight savings
  • Increased lifespan

Machinery & Equipment Manufacturing

FE-analysis of a large crane provided increased knowledge of the product behavior.

Elomatic has provided structural analysis services for machinery and equipment manufacturing industry since the 70s. Although analysis tools, methods and computer capacity have improved, basic analysis principles are the same.

Our special expertise on Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing industry ensure both cost efficiency and timely execution of the most complex analysis project. Together with our other experts, we are able to provide a solution from an idea to drawings and beyond.

Special Expertise Areas

  • Paper machines
  • Cranes – container gantry cranes, grab unloaders, shipbuilding gantry cranes, ship’s gantry cranes, personnel lifting, MEWPs
  • Vehicles – tractors, mining vehicles, trailers, harvesters
  • Machines and production devices – test benches, special production machines, material handling equipment and tools, assembly jigs, welding jigs, accessory tools, aerospace tools
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Process & Energy

A pressure vessel classification and aiding in product development of Attension High Pressure Chamber.

Elomatic has long-time experience in Process and Energy industry. We have large-scale experience from basic-design to the high-end design. With satisfied boiler and plant manufactures, we have executed demanding structural, vibration, fatigue and thermal analyses.

We execute high demanding pressure vessel calculations, flexibility and stress analysis of piping systems according to every kind of standards in daily basis. Our services include also seismic analysis according to the various standards.

With our expertise, you can ensure safe operation.

Typical mesh of a hull submodel. Usually our project include direct calculations (FEM) of hull structures according to different classification rules; DNV-GL, ABS, CSR, Bureau Veritas etc.

Elomatic has over 30 years’ experience in demanding structural analyses for marine industry. We have know-how to carry out for even the most largest classification projects. Together with our marine engineers and other experts, we are able to provide a solution from an idea to drawings and beyond.

Some benefits sought for marine industry are:

  • Classification report according to the class rules
  • Detailed analyses and results of ship and offshore structures
    • Optimize structures for strength, stability and vibrations
    • Minimize overall weight
    • Improve structural lifetime
  • Find improvements in early stage of the design cycle
    • Reduce total time of project
    • Fast evaluation of structural designs and concepts
  • Meet and exceed the demands
    • Make WOW-effects possible
    • Improve passenger comfort

Aerospace & Lightweight Structures

Corrosion repair of Rauma -class vessel bottom structure. With expensive structures, repair and stress analysis can provide a huge savings due to the increased lifespan.

Elomatic has deep and wide know-how about composites and lightweight structures, including structural analysis, repair analysis and composite design. We have expertise in ensuring reliable composite solutions for the aerospace and lightweight structure industries. Together with our composite designers, we can carry out a comprehensive feasibility studies. Life-time expansion can be achieved by repair and modification analysis.

Some expertise areas related to the lightweight structures:

  • Generation of material models
  • Composite optimization
  • Hybrid structures, aluminum and composite, steel and composite
  • Material and manufacturing knowledge
  • Repair and modification analysis

Coupled analysis of a mixer. The fluid’s effect to the structure’s mechanical behaviour is captured.

Some of our special know-how is applied for the benefit of various industry sectors. After all, the laws of physics apply everywhere. Our services can be bordering research when there is a need of modeling of the complex physical behavior. The subject of the development project could be about modeling unusual loads, complex materials, unique load cases or just simplification of complex phenomana. We can include flow structure interactions in our models, which enables accurate fatigue and vibration analysis of equipment. Heat transfer via radiation combined with electromagnetic properties can provide the designer with crucial information on thermal stresses. We aim to use our expertise in different fields to offer our customers the best possible services.

Some special expertise areas:

  • Mathematical modeling
  • Multiphysical modeling
  • Seismic analysis
  • Explosions, deflagration
  • Acoustics
  • Composites
  • Coupled analysis, Fluid-Structure Interaction
  • Rotordynamics
  • Optimization


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