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CEM Analysis

CEM Analysis

Our computational electromagnetics experts analyse industrial sites and simulate the potentially harmful effects of electromagnetic fields on employees and the effectiveness of shielding devices.

If the analysis indicates that employees are at risk we provide you with an immediate plan to rectify the situation. This prevents unnecessary sick leave and occupational injuries and ensures that you comply with occupational safety regulations.

What information do we need to conduct a CEM analysis?

To run the simulation we need to know the average power load and technical data of the transformer as well as the building dimensions and the materials that the transformer and building are made of.

How long will the CEM analysis take?

A typical simulation takes a few days depending on the size of the site, the number of transformers and their proximity to each other.

Other CEM application areas

CEM can be used to simulate a wide range of electromagnetic phenomena. The results can be used e.g. to extend the life span of equipment and reduce electromagnetic disturbances in measurement devices.

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