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Technical Analysis

Execution of the complex projects in time needs computational capacity. Elomatic has own computer clusters that cover over 1000 computing nodes
Do you want to be a leader in your field? We can make it happen. Our technical analysis services can assist you to develop better products and processes and ensure their functionality and safety in a vast range of industrial applications.


Did you know that Elomatic has the largest technical analysis team in Finland, almost one hundred simulation specialists? Our services include computer-aided numerical modelling of physical phenomena related to flow, dynamics, acoustics and structures. Development of modelling methods is essential in order to meet increasingly challenging customer demands. Consult us for information and ideas of how our specialists can assist you in your ventures!


Analysis can be performed on a device that might not exist yet. It can be used to understand phenomena that are impossible or very difficult to measure.

Inspecting results is not limited to a few points as with measurements, where you need to decide the location of the sensors in advance, but can instead see inside the whole “black box”. The results can be illustrated using plots and numerical data.

CFD Analysis »

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is the science of predicting fluid flow and mass and heat transfer.

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FEM Analysis »

Using structural analysis (finite element method, FEM) structural strength can be ensured.

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