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  • Heat Plant illustration

    Heat Plant illustration

  • Kuusakoski Laboratorium

    Kuusakoski Laboratorium

  • Helsingin Satama Oy

    Port of Helsinki, West Terminal

Investment project presentations

The basic design phase is of particular importance in large investment projects. A well designed animation aids decision-making and supports getting a positive investment decision.

Selected references

  • Valtra Oy Ab
  • Agco Sisu Power Oy
  • Moventas Gears Oy
  • Kuusakoski Oy
  • Valmet Automotive Oy
  • Haapajärven Lämpö Oy
  • Valio Oy
  • Oilon Scancool Oy
  • ProfiPro Oy
  • Bore Ltd
  • Helen Oy
  • Metso Automation Oy
  • Helsingin Satama Oy

Video: Jyväskylä Factory Presentation

Jyväskylä Factory Presentation