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  • jyvaskylan_voima 2

    Jyvaskylan Voima

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    Jyvaskylan Voima

  • keski_suomen_sairaanhoitopiiri

    Central Finland Hospital

Design simulations

Simulation applications can be used to verify the functionality of designs already during the development phase. Simulation can be used to analyse e.g. the following: ergonomics, usability, maintainability, and field of view.
Even if your design is approaching perfection, it saves money if possible errors are identified virtually rather than in real life. 

  • Central Finland Health Care District
  • Tana Oy
  • Kuusakoski Oy
  • Kotkan Energia Oy
  • Jyväskylän Voima Oy

Video: Interaktiivinen tilatarkastelusovellus

Interaktiivinen tilatarkastelusovellus