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Product Development

We offer wide-ranging services for product, machine and equipment manufacturers in design and development projects.

Would you like to develop a new product, machine or equipment cost-effectively? Or do you need to improve an existing item? We carry out projects fast and efficiently, whether they are small or large.

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Our projects often contain large and multidisciplinary drafting and development stages that create something new. Because most projects aim to produce batch production designs or carry out the implementation of a challenging piece of equipment, most of our services include extensive planning with project management services.

The systematic design and development processes we use integrates modern design tools with expertise in various fields to produce a smooth experience.

We give companies the opportunity to bring new products and services to the market and into production at the right time and maintaining competitiveness.

A multi-disciplinary approach is part of our daily work in the projects we manage or in which we take part in various roles. We deliver mechanical planning, technical calculations, industrial design and usability in one package. One contract with us gives you access to a comprehensive product development process. We also offer the same services as stand-alone elements, so they can be integrated into your company’s own processes.

We are often involved in projects where new inventions and solutions necessitate protecting the inventions and inventiveness during the projects. We have several patented inventions by our designers as proof of this.

Realise your product development project efficiently with us

Product development processes bring efficiency to your development projects by using creative problem solving in product, machine and equipment design projects. We also handle legal matters such as patenting and inventiveness as part of development projects. Our multidisciplinary product development team includes experts in e.g. design, mechanics and calculation. Product development with us is effortless and easy, because we realise and implement with one contract.

We help you to develop a competitive product or service cost-effectively and on schedule

Our product development cooperation always includes

  • Effective product development processes for development projects.
  • Innovation and creative problem solving.
  • Patenting and developing inventiveness as part of the development project.
  • Multidisciplinary projects, such as concept development, mechanics, design and calculation, all in one delivery.
  • Wide-ranging 3D design and PDM programmes.

We ensure the competitiveness of your products and services, and their speedy delivery to the market

Our typical development projects have included

  • Series-production product development and design, starting from hand-held devices to large machines.
  • Designing plastic products.
  • Cast product design and manufacturing processes.
  • Steel structure design.
  • Product design, planning and implementation of integrated systems.
  • Series-production product development and design.
  • Product development process consultations.
  • Ergonomics.
  • Multidisciplinary projects (design, mechanics, electronics, software, process technology).