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Laser Scanning

Laser Scanning

Laser scanning is an effective and fast tool for use in 3D measuring of any target. With laser scanning we are able to measure a target in one day that would take one month using traditional methods.

Benefits of laser scanning

  • The design project becomes risk-free and one avoids unpleasant surprises at later stages of the project
  • Cost savings during installation and larger prefabricated entities can be installed faster
  • Traditional initial data surveys and modelling steps are left out
  • Safe measurement method for challenging environments

Pricing and getting started

We have fixed prices for our services. Please contact us for an offer. We only need the definition of the target and general description in order to estimate the amount of work. A layout drawing and a few general photos of the area in question are sufficient. If required we can come to the site already before the offer has been drawn up.


Elomatic is a forerunner in laser scanning in Finland with more than ten years' experience in the field. We have carried out more than 300 significant laser scanning projects around the world.



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Samu Sundberg, Design Manager, Laser Scanning Ota yhteyttäContact »
Jani Maahi, Product Manager, Laser Scanning Ota yhteyttäContact »
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Video: Laser Scanning - Huge Benefits

Laser Scanning - Huge Benefits

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