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Innovation Services

Innovation Services

We assist our customers in implementing innovation projects with the help of a systematic innovation process and effective tools. We focus our efforts on the front end of innovation (FEI) to ensure that real innovations are systematically produced.

Top innovators ready to assist you

Our innovation team is led by the Finnish Innovator of the year 2013, Pekka Koivukunnas, who personally has more than a hundred registered patents behind his name.

Our innovation team is ready to assist you to make your organisation more successful by systemizing innovation in your organisation and/or being actively involved in your innovation processes.

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  • Innovation projects
  • Development of operational models for FEI (systematic innovation process)
  • Idea generation services
  • Idea processing and concept development
  • Innovation partnering
  • Securing intellectual property rights
  • Innovation skills
  • Innovation training
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