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3D Environmental Assessment – Flexible



Product comprised of physical product parts and possibly electronics, motors and other similar technologies. 

Delivery time

Agreed separately based on the work. 


Calculation results for the life-cycle environmental load

Evaluation of their environmental impact. 

Suggested solutions whereby environmental impacts can be reduced. 

Product's material and production cost analysis results

Evaluation of relation between costs and environmental impact

3D environmental evaluation integrated with product design



Why is a 3D environmental assessment important? 

  • Customers want responsible and environmentally friendly products.
  • Investing in ecologically more sustainable products is a strategy that leads to success measured in the esteem it generates for the business from customers and financial results.  
  • Eases the implementation of responsible business goals in the form of practical solutions.  
  • Identifies a product’s most critical and detrimental environmental impacts as well as solutions to mitigate these impacts.  
  • When integrated with design processes it results in successful product solutions.  Helps to create a fresh perspective of a product and to generate new product innovations. 
  • Often guides design and development to solutions where material efficiency and material selections reduce product costs and increase price competitiveness.  
  • It is fast to implement and easy to understand. Communicate efficiently with the help of clear reports, graphical interfaces and illustrative materials. 
  • Reduces the harmful environmental impacts of products. 

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