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Energy Audits
Material and Energy Efficiency

Material Audits

Our Motiva-trained material efficiency experts are ready to assist your organization to take your profitability to a new level. 

Material audits achieve real and significant savings and do not require large investments. Relatively small investments in procedural developments or minor layout improvements can, actually, reduce costs markedly. 

How do I get started?

Contact Elomatic to get an expert opinion about how and over what period a material audit can be implemented in your organization. In Finland we adhere to the systematic Motiva model which has been designed to achieve the best results. 

How long will the material audit take?

The auditing process can last from a few months to half a year, depending on the target enterprise’s size and area of operation, as well as the level of initial data and available resources for the job. The consultant’s work on the audit usually requires approximately 2–3 months. 


  • Get a clear picture of material flows
  • Focus on waste materials
  • Allocate costs to waste
  • Reduce waste
  • Reduce costs quickly
  • Benefit from tacit knowledge in your organization
  • Same output from reduced material inputs
  • Improved profitability