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Energy Audits

The Energy Efficiency Law came into force in Finland on 1.1.2015. The law dictates that large companies have to conduct energy audits every four years. We can assist in ascertaining whether the audit is compulsory for your organisation.

We also have the required training and authority to conduct energy audits or we can provide advice on how the audits can be conducted efficiently in your company.
Large companies are defined in the law as having over 250 employees, or turnover in excess of €50 million and a consolidated balance sheet of over €43 million. Under certain circumstances organizations may beempt even if they fulfil these requirements.
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Energy audits have clear benefits

  • Save costs even without the need to invest
  • Improve your facility’s instrument monitoring and energy efficiency
  • Receive basic information about device condition and performance
  • Reduce CO2 emissions

Typically suggested savings measures

  • Making use of lost heat in process water and exhaust air with the help of a heat pump
  • Improving maintenance and efficiency of heat recovery devices
  • Changing operation times of air ventilation and lighting
  • Correcting compressed air network leaks
  • Replacing oil with renewable energy
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