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Industrial Design References

Production Engineering & Development References

Product test bench

  • Transmission test bench for multi-megawatt power
  • Extensive measurement data
  • EPCM delivery, low cost and fast delivery
  • Dynamic hydraulic loading systems

How it was done

  • Completion of concept design
  • Structural analysis
  • Detail design of parts
  • Electric and automation engineering

Result: Enabled implementation of multi-megawatt test bench; unique solution, first in the world

New Factory concept

  • 9 different factory layout options created and one selected
  • Technology selected
  • Animation created

How it was done

  • Brain storming the ideal layout options
  • Analyse and design layout options
  • Define the technology
  • Select the layout and technology
  • Create an animation and presentation

Result: Presented the investment plan to the group board; investment made

Assembly Cell

  • Cycle time reduced from 14.3 to 7.2 min/unit
  • 50% reduction in production man-hours
  • Capacity increased from 42 to 66 units/d
  • Utilisation degree improved from 53% to 82%

How it was done

  • Analysis of current situation; define future targets
  • Development of new production methods based on current state and future targets
  • Design the new factory layout according to the MOST* results
  • Design the lifting accessories for front axis
  • Design the machine vision supported automatic screwing machine for axis

Result: Cell operational 4.5 months after project start

Production control concept

Goal: short lead time with simple control mechanism

  • Procurement and material management
  • Visual management: control board and layout
  • Training and start of piloting

On time delivery and lead time

  • OTD improved from 60% ca. to 90% ca
  • Lead time reduced by up to 5 weeks
  • Improved understanding of how process behaves
  • Implementation of simple control principles

How it was done

  • Analysed current situation, value stream map
  • Training of applicable Lean methods
  • Design of new production control principle
  • Gates, Sales balancing, CONWIP
  • Use of ERP and needed changes
  • To-be value stream map, implementation plan

Result: Rapid solution implemented for acute problem