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Design of fatigue testing device for drill rig

We could freely design a testing device to test the boom structure of a drill rig and implement the required stress variations. The goal was for the device to be as easy to assemble and inexpensive to produce as possible.  It had to be ensured that the device would withstand the fatigue load cycles without failing. In addition, the space was restricted by the size of the T-slot table in use.

Our experience in designing the fatigue testing of large structures was limited when we started the project, so it was natural to look for a partner organization in this regard. This also meant that we did not have to commit our own design resources to work that is not directly linked to Sandvik's products.

Elomatic had previously worked with demanding structures, so it was easy to start cooperating with them. It also helped that we got everything from them on a turnkey basis, starting from part dimensioning up to procurement. The cooperation was very successful and we have together leant a lot about fatigue testing.

- Arto Vento, Sandvik Mining and Construction Oy