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Wellquip Production Systems - FloWQ

Oil Well Production Systems

We design, manufacture and build artificial lift solutions with proven operational track records in remote arctic and desert climates. The FloWQ™ product line is based on hydraulic jet pump technology. We offer a wide range of products to tackle oil field production challenges, such as solid removal, paraffin and water treatment and disposal.

Wellquip production system applications include surface and downhole equipment, well production optimization software, remote monitoring, solid removal systems, chemical injection solutions and other equipment to increase production. 

The integration of production systems, optimization software and field service in new or mature field enables higher rates of production with lower lifting costs and an extended service life.

The FloWQ™ system is ideal for 

  • Production modernizations
  • Enhanced oil recovery
  • Dewatering gas wells
  • Well testing and early production
  • Flow backs after fracture treatment and chemical treatment


We have the necessary competence and experience to provide single-point field engineering for the oil and gas industry from single-well design to full field development, and product engineering.

Well simulation software 

FloWQ™ Well Simulation Software provides the operator with reports, technical support, control and analyses production data and optimizes production with minimum downtime.

Main benefits of FloWQ hydraulic jet pump 

  • The FloWQ jet pump has no downhole moving parts, fewer parts to maintain, reduced workover
  • Optimized flow areas, suitable pumps for offshore and onshore use
  • Production modes: annulus production, production up to tubing, tubing in tubing
  • FloWQ jet pump's suitability ranges from slimhole applications to large diagragm tubing used in the Offshore industry
  • In thru bore models all inner parts are retrievable. This allows downhole maintenance without the need for workover unit
  • Easy maintenance and durable. Less workover
    • Carrier holding nozzle and mixing tube, can be easily retrieved in order to optimize jet pump
    • H2S and CO2 corrosive environment
  • Offers downhole solutions for:
    • Highly deviated wells
    • High solid producers
    • High volumes
    • Bad casing
    • Paraffin wells with possibility to use heating and chemical injection

Field Services 

Our field services range from basic support to building, maintaining and operating contracts. We complete installations, hook-up and commissioning of artificial lift systems, optimize operational efficiencies, and provide mature oilfield modernizations and enhanced hydrocarbon production solutions.

Video: WQ Hydraulic Jet Pump Oil Production and Dewatering Gas Wells

WQ Hydraulic Jet Pump Oil Production and Dewatering Gas Wells

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