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Caligo Flue Gas Scrubber

The Caligo flue gas scrubber and patented heat pump connector offers unbeatable heat recovery and saves up to 35% of annual fuel costs. The system requires less than half the space of traditional solutions and does not use any external fresh water.

The Caligo flue gas scrubber boasts the shortest delivery time on the market with most running in done at the factory. We are there to support you after installation and operation.

Patented heat pump connector

The secret to the efficiency of our system is the unique and patented heat pump connector. When district heating incoming temperature is very high, the heat recovery of a traditional flue gas scrubber is extremely poor. The Caligo system, however, ensures maximum heat recovery even under these conditions.

Our turnkey flue gas scrubber and heat recovery solutions are developed and marketed by Caligo Industria.


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