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The Dada Gorgud is a semi-submersible drilling rig in the Caspian Sea

Dada Gorgud

  • Built 1978 (Rauma Repola)
  • 216 ft. x 202 ft.
  • Normal operating draft 45 ft.
  • Personnel capacity 120 persons
  • Operating water depth 1 557 ft.
  • Power plant capacity, existing
    • Diesel Generator, 4 pcs, 2000 kVA, 600 V, 50 Hz, cosphi 0,7
    • Emergency Diesel Generator 756 kW, 380 V, 50 Hz
  • Power plant capacity, new
    • Diesel Generator, 4 pcs, 3300 kVA, 690 V
    • Emergency Diesel Generator 1350 kW, 380 V

Dada Gorgud

The Dada Gorgud is a semi-submersible drilling rig in the Caspian Sea (Azerbaijan), owned by the Caspian Drilling Company.

Project scope

  • New main diesel generators and emergency diesel generator with auxiliary systems.
  • Electrical distribution network, e.g., new switchboards and transformers.
  • Drilling system, new DC drives.
  • IAS and PMS, new automation monitoring and control system.
  • Space and routing design for above systems.
  • System and interface design.
  • Design coordination between systems and makers.

The project’s scope was later extended to include a new drilling system design and a cooling system upgrade for the rig, which consisted of two cooling units of approximately 650 kW each.

3D modelling of the rig was made according to existing documentation, complemented through close cooperation with the rig and site visits. Design accuracy was ensured through 3D scanning of areas with refurbishments. Layout design required some new areas to be included into the design, such as the rooms for the new emergency generator and the cooling units.

Required design engineering hours was estimated between 9000-11000 h initially, the total number of hours including additional work was approximately 18300 h.

Staff included 50 persons from the majority of Elomatic’s disciplines: Machinery, Electrical and Automation, HVAC, FEM, and Offshore.

Engineering support for the Yard phase was provided partly on site and partly from Elomatic’s offices, the estimated required hours 2100 h.

Elomatic and Wärtsilä have cooperated on a significant number of diesel and gas engine projects.