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Environmental Retrofits

Marine Environmental Retrofits

New and expected environmental regulations will have a significant impact on the world merchant fleet and require retrofitting of existing ships. We provide key services to assist our customers to successfully implement their retrofit projects.

We focus on ballast water management, sulphur scrubbers and other exhaust gas cleaning solutions, alternative fuels such as LNG as well as energy savings in general.

Special expertise areas

  • Ballast water management
  • Alternative fuels
  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmental services and solutions
  • Technology retrofits

Our four phases to success in environmental retrofits

  • Phase 1: Identify most cost efficient solution
    • only most cost efficient and effective solution is proposed
    • most suitable supplier selected
    • thorough comparison of alternative solutions
  • Phase 2: Successful project execution
    • custom-made integration design
    • naval architects tailor design and handle classification approvals
    • laser scanning used to verify inputs where necessary
  • Phase 3: Optimized installation
    • proven detail solutions and choice of materials
  • Phase 4: Minimized off-hire
    • return to service as scheduled


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