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Concept Design for Ammonia-Fuel Ready LNG-Fueled Vessel

Enabling the transition to the future marine fuel

We have designed a vessel that can be easily converted to use ammonia instead of LNG as fuel. It can well be said to be the next bridge solution on our way to carbon free shipping. We developed the concept in cooperation with NYK Line and MTI.

The concept for an Ammonia-Fuel Ready LNG-Fueled Vessel (ARLFV) allows the vessel to be converted to ammonia-powered at a minimum cost once green ammonia is available and the engines under development are ready for use.

The future ship concept covers the specifications of the ship from an operational aspect, such as

  • load capacity
  • voyage distance
  • ship speed
  • fuel capacity

The concept solves the challenges of ammonia use, such as the material and placement of fuel tanks and the durability and stability of the hull. The safety rules being developed for ships using ammonia have also been taken into account.

So far, we have designed concepts for an ammonia-ready car carrier and a post-Panamax bulker. The goal is to build the first ammonia-ready vessel by 2025.

Concept design for an ARLFV of Post-Panamax bulker

Concept design for an ammonia-fuel ready LNG-fueled vessel of PCC



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