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BWM Retrofits

Ballast Water Management Retrofits

Our systemized ballast water management retrofit process is divided into four phases. If you need a partner with in-depth ballast water treatment retrofit knowledge, but who is completely independent of technology suppliers, we are your ideal match.

We assist you to identify and implement the optimal solution for your vessel without a hidden agenda. Contact us to arrange for an in-depth service presentation.

Our 4 phases to success in BWM retrofits

  • Phase 1: Feasibility Study
    • Choosing the solution and verifying space reservation with 3D laser scanning and supplier selection
  • Phase 2: Basic Design
    • Elomatic design team updates diagrams and drawings required for classification society approval. 
  • Phase 3: Detail Design
    • Elomatic prepares a complete design package for prefabrication and successful installation.
  • Phase 4: Installation
    • Installation and commissioning
    • Elomatic offers site supervision and support

    We recommend the following plan of action now

    • Start with Phase 1 to find the most suitable solution. You don't have to purchase yet.
    • Carry out laser scanning to verify the starting point.
    • Tackle the space challenge by carrying out a thorough study and integration design.
    • Establish suitable partnerships to ensure design and installation capacity and resources are available when needed.
    • Put in sufficient efforts at the beginning of the process; investing small in the beginning will save big in the end