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Kanteleen Voima Oy

Kanteleen Voima

Power plant maintenance engineering

  • Boiler: Tampella (Benson boiler) 390 MW. Steam parameter: 125 kg/s, 180 bar, 530°C. Fuel: milled peat and biomass. Turbine: Siemens/KWU, 200 KVA/170 MW
  • Elomatic scope:Sludge treatment for flue gas scrubber and plant area: sludge collection, additional flue gas scrubber water recycling, reservoir subdivision, pre-treatment, storage, drying. Exhaust gas duct renewal: pressure loss reduction, easing duct cleaning. Boiler room air conditioning: calculation of total balance, added new cooling air machines, enhanced roof fan activity. Modernisation of auxiliary boilers: automation renewal, risk evaluation (HAZOP)