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Energy consulting

In the energy sector Elomatic is known especially for its design, consulting and expert services. These services include project management, investment and feasibility studies, cost estimates and profitability studies, procurement procedures, energy audits, heat procurement tendering, management consulting, contracting and projects related to energy generation and transfer.

Elomatic has extensive experience in heat and power plants as well as district heating design, procurement processes and tendering processes.

Energy consulting services

  • Cost evaluations and profitability studies
  • Production alternatives
  • Energy subsidy applications
  • Valuations and incorporation surveys 
  • Support in energy production outsourcing 
  • Environmental consulting
  • Environmental permits
  • Registration procedures
  • Plant audits (e.g. according to VNa 750/2013)

Project management services

  • Project consulting
  • Project planning and scheduling
  • Design management
  • Cost control
  • Constructor’s safety coordination services

District heating services

  • Network design (basic design, structural strength analyses, supporting structures, checkpoints, pressure calculations etc.)
  • Network simulation
  • Pumping station design (all design disciplines)
  • Heat transfer station design (all design disciplines)
  • Tendering
  • Constructor’s safety coordination services (district heating construction sites)
  • Permits (a.o. ELY, AVI)
  • Valuations
  • Tariff evaluations
  • Documentation (network maps, software services etc.)
  • Material surveys (a.o. corrosion surveys)