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Elomatic acquires Finflo Oy and Process Flow Solution Ltd Oy

Elomatic has expanded its know-how in its Technology Services business area by acquiring all the shares of Process Flow Solution Ltd Oy and Finflo Oy. As a result of the acquisitions, Elomatic has become the leading technical analysis company in Finland. About 20 employees from Finflo and Process Flow Solution will be transferred to Elomatic and both companies will continue operations as Elomatic subsidiaries as of 29.9.2017. At the same time Elomatic’s number of employees has increased to over 850.

World’s largest district heating company implements Caligo flue gas scrubber technology

Caligo Industria Oy, an Elomatic subsidiary, has signed a major deal to deliver a 9,5 MW flue gas scrubber system to Dalkia SA, in Tours France. Dalkia SA is the world’s largest district heating company and a significant player on the European energy market. The deal is worth 1.2 million euros and represents a breakthrough for greater access to the European market. The largest part of the system will be delivered in 2018.

Survey indicates Elomatic is the no.1 consulting and engineering company in Finnish industrial sector

Results from a customer satisfaction survey conducted by the Finnish Association of Consulting Firms (SKOL) indicate that Elomatic is the no.1 engineering and consulting company in the industrial sector. An impressive 99% of respondents have already recommended or would recommend Elomatic to their colleagues and use the company’s services again.

Stronger focus on benefitting from industrial design

Elomatic is strengthening its focus on benefitting from industrial design in 2017. Design company Vesavisio and Elomatic have entered into a framework agreement that places new industrial design resources at Elomatic’s disposal to support existing in-house industrial design expertise.

Elomatic strengthens mechanical engineering at Turku office

Elomatic has bolstered its consulting and engineering services for mechanical engineering by acquiring the entire share capital of Afore Consulting Oy on 3.2.2017.

Elomatic turnover reaches 55 million euros

Elomatic’s turnover grew by 6% in 2016 to a record 55 million euros. The Elomatic Group hired almost 100 new employees during the financial year. The outlook for the company is positive and almost 12% growth is predicted for 2017, with turnover set to peak at 61 million euros.

Elomatic donating 2016 Christmas gift funds to the Save the Children foundation.

Elomatic has donated its 2016 Christmas gift funds to the Save the Children foundation.

Finnish Border Guard uses Elomatic's EloWise Ship Life Cycle Management system

In the autumn of 2016 the Finnish Boarder Guard took an updated version of the Elomatic’s EloWise Ship Life Cycle Management system into use. The system is used for maintenance and technical data administration of the offshore patrol vessels Turva, Tursas and Uisko.

Elomatic takes Savcor Wedge into use for data analysis


Elomatic’s FORMIOT data analysis service assists customers to optimize the profitability and competitiveness of production lines and equipment. In order to process this information Elomatic has acquired the Savcor Wedge process diagnostics tool.


Joint first prize in Clean Vallisaari innovation competition

Elomatic Oy’s and Gaia Consulting Oy’s Virgin Island entry was awarded joint first prize in the Clean Vallisaari innovation competition in Helsinki on 1.9.2016.