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Viking Line orders Elogrid for its third vessel to reduce energy consumption

Viking Line orders Elogrid for its third vessel to reduce energy consumption Viking Line acquires Elomatic’s Elogrid solution for its Viking Grace ship. Elogrid reduces the additional resistance of the vessel and improves the thrust. The decision has a significant impact on the environmental impact of Viking Line's operations: fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions will be significantly reduced.

Viking Line has ordered Elomatic’s Elogrid solution for its third ship, this time Viking Grace. Elogrid is installed at the entrance of tunnel thrusters to reduce the ship's additional resistance. The installation will take place in January 2023 during the periodical dry docking. 

Using Elogrid reduces Viking Grace's fuel consumption by more than 3%, which means approximately 3,000 kg less carbon dioxide emissions per day. The solution also increases the thrust of the tunnel propellers and thus facilitates the ship's maneuverability in strong winds. 

In addition, Elogrid improves safety and travel comfort, as the noise from the propellers and the ship's vibration are reduced. 

– We’ve seen on previous projects, that Elogrid helps us reduce the environmental impact of our operations and improve the ship's maneuverability. Also, it eliminates vibration, says Viking Line’s Technical Manager Mathias Sundberg.

– We see huge growth potential in solutions that improve the energy efficiency of ships. Environmentally conscious ship owners are constantly developing the energy efficiency of their ships, says Elomatic’s CEO Patrik Rautaheimo.

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