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Elomatic participates in the DREAMS project to develop 3D technologies

Elomatic takes part in the DREAMS-project (Database for Radically Enhancing Additive Manufacturing and Standardization), led by DIMECC, that will create a material database for 3D metal printing. The project is funded by companies and Business Finland, and it involves leading Finnish companies and research institutes.

The knowledge and use of 3D printing, also known as Additive Manufacturing (AM), is still fragmented and small in Finland. Companies research and develop the issue on their own so that information will not become accumulated. AM technologies are used increasingly more year by year and the field is developing quickly around the world.

In order to fix the issue, the FAME ecosystem (Finnish Additive Manufacturing Ecosystem) has started the DREAMS project that aims to bring domestic 3D printing skills to the international forefront by 2024.

The project helps to build a comprehensive material database by researching about 10,000 metallic test objects, which are made from various materials and made by using different devices and printing methods. The research is focused in particular on fatigue properties of materials. 

The project aims to accelerate the progress of standardization in the industry and develop domestic expertise in all aspects of 3D printing, from research to cost management. The database will also facilitate the use of 3D printing of metals for the most demanding applications.

The basis for collaboration already exists in the FAME ecosystem, in which companies can share information and create knowledge about AM technologies. In addition to the DREAMS project, other development projects are launched in the ecosystem, focusing on a specific area of expertise. 

The aim of the FAME ecosystem is to increase the use of and investment in AM technologies in Finland. Ecosystem involves nearly 30 Finnish companies.

Further information: https://www.dimecc.com/dimecc-services/dreams/