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Elomatic Oy participated in the development of the Simucube GT-21 steering wheel

Granite Devices Oy has launched a new Simucube Tahko GT-21 steering wheel for Sim Racing enthusiasts and professionals. Elomatic Oy was involved as a partner in product development work, from product concepts to production.

Outsourced product development and design expertise were needed from the beginning of the steering wheel development to bring the GT-21 into production and markets within the set goals. In this context, Elomatic became a partner to help and collaborate with Granite Devices, where the priorities were steering wheel ideation, concept design, mechanical design, industrial design and graphic design.

From the very beginning, it was typical for the design of the steering wheel to engage in the multidisciplinary skills required. Ideation and concept design work was done based on the expertise of industrial design, graphic design, mechanical design, various technologies, marketing and business management.

The Simucube Tahko GT-21 is the first steering wheel in the Simucube ecosystem to represent the uncompromisingly functional and robust high-end line of the product family. The high-level goals and vision set for the first product guided Elomatic's industrial design, graphic design and mechanical design work in an interesting and motivating way from the initial stages to production.

Granite Devices Oy and Simucube products

Granite Devices’ story begins with a hobby project that led to a simple and fully functional AC servomotor drive with state-of-the-art high bandwidth field oriented control (FOC). This laid the foundation for the establishment of the Granite Devices Company and the manufacture of Simucube motor controllers for use in Sim Racing.

Since one of the basic philosophies in motor driver development was to make things firmly reliable and error-free, the company name Granite Devices was chosen. The new Simucube Tahko GT-21 steering wheel, part of the Simucube ecosystem, represents this uncompromising line.


We utilized Elomatic's expertise to complement our own expertise in consumer product design. The project was carried out in strong cooperation and the product was completed and met our granite hard requirements, says Hannu Harju, CEO of Granite Devices Oy.


Simucube Tahko GT-21 Wireless Wheel - Simucube

Further information:

Jukka Mikkonen, Industrial Design Manager
Elomatic Oy
+358 40 596 1746

Granite Devices Oy
+358 45 101 22 66

About the companies

Elomatic Oy is a consulting and design company that focuses on solutions that improve the well-being of people and the environment. Elomatic employs more than 1,100 professionals in 13 countries. We operate in the following industries: process and energy, food and medical, sea and offshore energy as well as machinery and equipment manufacturing.

Granite Devices Oy is a company specializing in the manufacture, sale and marketing of motor control and Sim Racing products.