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Next Bridge Solution from LNG to Ammonia: Development of a Concept Design for “Ammonia-fuel Ready LNG-Fueled Vessel” Is Launched

Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (hereinafter, NYK), MTI Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, MTI), and Elomatic, a Finnish consulting and engineering firm, launched the development of a concept design for “Ammonia-fuel Ready LNG-Fueled Vessel” (ARLFV), which covers the transition to future marine fuel.

1. Background

Currently, NYK and MTI (hereinafter, the NYK Group) promotes upgrading its fleet via the use of LNG, a low-carbon marine fuel, to achieve NYK’s mid- and long-term environmental targets*. The LNG-fueled vessel is set as a bridge solution to future marine fuel. The NYK Group also participates in activities such as the Project for Safe Use of Ammonia as Marine Fuel that aim at launching zero-emission ships that run on such low-environmental-load marine fuels as ammonia or hydrogen in future**.The NYK Group and Elomatic launched the development of a concept design for “Ammonia-fuel Ready LNG-Fueled Vessel” (ARLFV), which can be converted to a ship using ammonia as a marine fuel once its supply is ready. ARLFV is set as a “Next Bridge Solution” to cover the transition of the marine fuel from LNG to ammonia.

2. Outline of Development

The development of a concept design is being conducted by the NYK Group and Elomatic between September 2021 and January 2022 to identify and explore challenges to the actual design and construction of ARLFV.

The results of development will be released in a video with accompanying 3D models in January 2022 at the time of the project’s completion.

On February 3, 2021, NYK released “NYK Group ESG Story,” *** which aims to further integrate ESG into the company’s management strategy and promotes activities that contribute to the achievement of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) through business activities. To strongly promote ESG management, the NYK Group encourage new value creation as a sustainable solution provider through a business strategy that includes the activities which promotes upgrading to a next-generation eco-friendly fleet.

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Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha
Head office: 2-3-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
CEO: Hitoshi Nagasawa
Website: https://www.nyk.com/english/

MTI Co., Ltd.
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CEO: Kazuo Ishizuka
Website: https://www.monohakobi.com/en/

* NYK’s mid- and long-term environmental targets

**NYK Group's efforts to realize ammonia-fuel vessel


*** NYK Group ESG Story
A guideline detailing concrete efforts to integrate ESG into management strategies of the NYK Group. Details can be found in the related press release.