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Flexens’ innovative Power2AX project with hydrogen as fuel enables a green future

Elomatic supported Flexens in their Power2AX project with a study for the production of hydrogen aimed to be used in new ferries in the Åland archipelago. The project Power2AX has a unique and comprehensive approach that includes harvesting wind energy, creating the hydrogen fuel of the generated wind, and finally using the renewable fuel in ferries operating in Åland. The archipelago of Åland has the ideal wind condition to implement this process enabling a truly green future living in one of the world’s most beautiful locations.

Green hydrogen is a renewable alternative to fossil fuel. Different cases were studied, with scenarios of production in one or two locations for supplying hydrogen to two different ferry lines. With the current limited sizes and production of electrolysers, the scalability benefits were still small, and thus centralized production with gas pipelines where not a viable option.

Placing hydrogen production to a central location could increase scalability and remove harbour dependency while interchangeable fuel containers could be transported on rubber wheels. The land-based production and the ferry systems need to be integrated into one entity to lower the overall costs of both production capacity and operation scheme as well as the cost for storages.

The outcome indicates a clear possible business case to go forward with Power2AX project to the next phase. It is essential to get financing and a subsidiary, as this is still a new technology at this scale. Subsequently, Flexens has applied for EU funding and project realization is expected to start in 2024.

Customer Experience: Aleksi Haverinen, Project Manager, Flexens

“It was pleasant working with Elomatic. Their professional approach and communication with Flexen’s during the project opened new technical solutions. Open-minded and result focused discussion were available during the whole study.”