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Traceability and improvement of process efficiency and predictability

Elomatic is participating in the SEED research project by developing digital services to improve production efficiency and material traceability in the forest industry.

An ecosystem is formed in the SEED project where forest industry companies, engineering companies, technology suppliers and IT companies together develop, test and pilot solutions over the life cycles of production lines from design to operation and asset management.

The SEED co-innovation is comprised of three research facilities (VTT, Jyväskylä University and Aalto University), the projects of seven corporate partners, as well as 11 companies participating in the ecosystem. The SEED project is based on a unique approach where forest companies offer an innovation platform for research, piloting and testing at their plants. The cornerstones of the new SEED model are co-innovation and learning.

Elomatic’s goal in the SEED ecosystem is to research and develop digital business opportunities that support business growth and know-how development, and provide customers with traceability, production process efficiency and forward-looking solutions. This strengthens Elomatic's competitiveness in a dynamically changing market.

Finland is a digitalisation pioneer in the EU. We have strong digital know-how and the forest industry is one of the cornerstones of the Finnish economy. Combining these competencies creates significant opportunities for business growth and internationalisation.

Link to VTT news about SEED project.