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Elomatic turnover increases to over 81 million euros

The 2018 turnover of the Elomatic Group grew by 12% to over 81 million euros. During the financial period, the group recruited 162 new employees with the total number of employees spiking to over 950. Elomatic is continuing an active recruitment drive at the beginning of 2019 to meet its increased number of commissions.

The financial year was particularly good for the Marine Business Unit, where the design of a Global-class cruise ship for MV Werften from Germany has employed a large number of designers. Elomatic has also received an order for the design of a second Global-class cruise ship to the value of 17 million euros.   

2018 was also an excellent year for Elomatic’s daughter company Cadmatic, which develops design and information management solutions. Cadmatic reported a record turnover for 2018 of over 20 million euros, representing growth of 29%.

Elomatic strengthened its position in technical analysis and simulation

In March 2018, Elomatic acquired FS Dynamics’ business operations in Finland. The Swedish company is specialised in computational fluid dynamics and structural analysis.  The company’s 30 technical analysts in Tampere and Helsinki were transferred into the employ of Elomatic. 

”All in all 2018 was an excellent year from both a growth and result perspective. The outlook for the current year is positive. I am especially happy that we have been involved in so many environmentally friendly projects as well as projects where climate change is countered. A big thank is owed to our clients that are investing in new technologies,” says Elomatic CEO Patrik Rautaheimo.