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Traceability and improvement of process efficiency and predictability

Elomatic is participating in the SEED research project by developing digital services to improve production efficiency and material traceability in the forest industry.

An ecosystem is formed in the SEED project where forest industry companies, engineering companies, technology suppliers and IT companies together develop, test and pilot solutions over the life cycles of production lines…

Elomatic fighting climate change

Elomatic and Betamet enter cooperation agreement

Elomatic and Betamet Oy from Oulu, Finland have signed a cooperation agreement covering design, installation and start-up services. The cooperation especially covers projects related to pulp & paper, mining, energy, steel and chemical industry projects. The agreement strengthens the competitiveness and position of the companies in industrial investment projects.

Elomatic, Meyer Turku, and Cadmatic have donated Professorships to Technology Education at University of Turku

Major companies in the Turku region, Meyer Turku, Elomatic, and Cadmatic support developing the new degree programmes in technology of the University of Turku by donating two professorships.

CADMATIC acquires Finnish software company Kymdata and CADS software

Elomatic group company CADMATIC Ltd has acquired Finnish software company Kymdata Ltd. The strategic acquisition expands CADMATIC's product portfolio and includes the entire share capital as well as IPRs to all Kymdata’s CADS software and its business agreements. The acquisition increases CADMATIC’s estimated turnover to EUR 28 million. With the addition of Kymdata’s 43 employees, CADMATIC will employ over 200 persons.

Optimisation of Etelä-Savon Energia’s district heating network with data analysis and simulation

Etelä-Savon Energia Oy (ESE) is known as a producer of renewable energy. Its history dates back to the start of the 1900s. It was the fourth company in Finland to start generating district heating in 1958.  ESE generates electricity at its Pursiala CHP plant from where heat is transferred to the district heating system. 

Wood makes up about 80% of the fuel used at the Pursiala…

Mika Hannula joins Elomatic board

Mika Hannula has joined the Elomatic board. He was elected alongside previous board members Ari Elo, Johan Kronberg, Jari Lehmusvaara, Liisa Leino, and Olli Manner. Since the autumn of 2018, Hannula has been the Director of the Technology Campus Turku at the Turku University.

Elomatic designs and project manages construction of Spinnova textile fibre plant

Textile fibre technology company, Spinnova, has completed the construction of a pilot production line in Jyväskylä, Finland. The plant will produce textile fibre from cellulose and is a significant step in producing larger volumes of sustainable textile fibres. Elomatic partnered Spinnova in the project starting from the preliminary study and design, all the way up to the start-up of the plant.

Elomatic turnover increases to over 81 million euros

The 2018 turnover of the Elomatic Group grew by 12% to over 81 million euros. During the financial period, the group recruited 162 new employees with the total number of employees spiking to over 950. Elomatic is continuing an active recruitment drive at the beginning of 2019 to meet its increased number of commissions.