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Elomatic collaborates with NYK Group to create emission-free cargo ship

Elomatic has partnered with Japanese shipping company NYK Group and NYK’s technology arm MTI to create the concept design for a futuristic emission-free pure car and truck carrier (PCTC), – the “NYK SUPER ECO SHIP 2050”. Compared to current vessels, the NYK SUPER ECO SHIP 2050 will reduce CO2 emissions by 100%. The energy-efficient vessel will also reduce energy derived from bunker fuels by approx. 70%.

The concept design was unveiled by NYK Group in mid-November. Elomatic was responsible for the concept creation and visualisation. The development of NYK SUPER ECO SHIP 2050 is part of NYK Group’s “Staying Ahead 2022 with Digitalization and Green” medium term management plan.

The NYK SUPER ECO SHIP 2050 is a follow -up from a project done in 2009 by the same parties, which culminated in the award-winning design of a container vessel for 2030, the NYK SUPER ECO SHIP 2030. Japan, Finland and its Scandinavian neighbours have long-standing innovation traditions in the maritime sector and NYK SUPER ECO SHIP 2050 is another step in maintaining this leadership position. All partners involved in the project have a vision of a carbon-free world.   

The resistance of the vessel was reduced by 35% by remodelling the hull to decrease water friction, by reducing the weight of the hull, and by minimising air resistance. The improvements where validated with CFD calculations. Further improvements were made by introducing fuel cells for electric propulsion, relying on other highly efficient propulsion devices, and the generation of renewable energy on board the vessel.  

Energy demand reduced by almost 70%

The energy demand of the vessel was cut by approx. 70% by eliminating energy and operational waste. The minimised energy demand enables truly emission-free operation. Instead of fossil fuels, the ship is powered by hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources. Some other futuristic elements in the concept include lightweight bionic design found in nature, the use of 3D printing for building materials, a digital twin of the vessel, and flapping foils inspired by dolphins to replace less efficient traditional propellers.

“We are honoured that NYK Group have continued trusting in our ability to provide technical and technological solutions for a greener future. One of our core goals is assist our customers in their struggle against the most significant challenges of our time. The greatest of these are environmental wellbeing, resource sufficiency and questions related to technology upheaval,” says Elomatic CEO Patrik Rautaheimo.  

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