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Elomatic acquires FS Dynamics’ business operations in Finland

Elomatic and FS Dynamics from Sweden have agreed to transfer ownership of FS Dynamic’s business operations in Finland, FS Dynamics Finland Oy Ab, to Elomatic on 31.10.2018.

FS Dynamics is a consulting company specialised in computational fluid dynamics and structural analysis. It employs 30 technical analysts in its Finnish operations. The Finnish offices are located in Tampere and Helsinki.

The acquisition is a strategic step for Elomatic and strengthens the company, in particular, in the areas of technical analysis and simulation. By broadening its know-how and increasing its technical analysis resources Elomatic is better able meet high technical demands in design projects where technical analysis is used, among others, to strengthen and optimize structures and simulate e.g. flow phenomena of different liquids and gases. Professional technical analysis enables the development of better products while also ensuring their operation and safety in almost any industrial application. 

“In recent years we have invested heavily in expanding our technical analysis know-how and increasing our capacity. Today, we are without doubt the top provider of technical analysis services in Finland and we are already a significant service provider in Europe,” says Elomatic CEO Patrik Rautaheimo. 

“During the last eight years we have built a solid business in CAE consultancy in Finland. We are now convinced that it will develop better as part of the Elomatic group. FS Dynamics will continue its engagement in Finland in collaboration with Elomatic, and we hope to expand that collaboration to other markets,” says Carl Fredrik Stein, MD of FS Dynamics Finland Oy Ab.