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Elomatic team wins KONE Mechathon in Tampere

At the beginning of the summer, KONE Oyj organised at two-day Mechathon event with the Tampere University of Applied Science (TAMK). The Mechathon is a mechanics innovation and design competition where a KONE panel selects the best solution for a given challenge. After winning the competition, Elomatic and KONE will cooperate in developing the solution on a joint project.

This was already the second KONE/TAMK Mechathon event in Tampere. Six teams from different companies took part in the competition: Elomatic, Jimexol, Metecnol, RD Velho, CSI Components and Agco. Each team consisted of 3-4 employees from the company as well as two adult students from TAMK. Elomatic’s winning team members were Rami Ylirönni, Arto Pelkonen and Rami Raute as well as TAMK students Mira Mäkelä and Arttu Palmu. Elomatic applied the TRIZ innovation method in idea generation. 

Innovation at its best 

KONE brought five actual product development challenges to the competition. Each team could choose which challenge to solve. In addition, they could also try to solve the other challenges if time permitted. 

Each team presented their solution, which was modelled and 3D-printed and from which functional models were constructed. The scale of the model could be small, as long as the solution’s operational principles were clear. Elomatic’s team produced a solution for each of the five challenges.  

The victorious Elomatic team

The eight-member panel evaluated all the solutions. The KONE panel members included the Kone Innovation Manager, Ari Hänninen, supported by product development managers. TAMK teachers were also represented on the panel. The winning team received a 3,000 EUR prize and the opportunity to start a product development project winning with KONE Oyj for the winning idea.  

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