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Elomatic acquires Finflo Oy and Process Flow Solution Ltd Oy

Elomatic has expanded its know-how in its Technology Services business area by acquiring all the shares of Process Flow Solution Ltd Oy and Finflo Oy. As a result of the acquisitions, Elomatic has become the leading technical analysis company in Finland. About 20 employees from Finflo and Process Flow Solution will be transferred to Elomatic and both companies will continue operations as Elomatic subsidiaries as of 29.9.2017. At the same time Elomatic’s number of employees has increased to over 850.

Elomatic becomes leading technical analysis company in Finland  

Process Flow Solution was established in 1992 and is a leading computational flow dynamics company in Finland. It also has special expertise in mathematical modelling and structural analysis. Finflo was established in 2001. The company offers advanced flow simulations and CFD software for technical applications. Its projects comprise research, development and consultation services and draw on Finflo’s knowledge of flow phenomena related to the modelling of vehicles (especially aircraft) propulsion devices and turbomachinery. 

The acquisitions are a strategic step for Elomatic and strengthen the company, in particular, in the areas of technical analysis and simulation. By broadening its knowhow and increasing its technical analysis resources Elomatic is better able meet high technical demands in design projects where technical analysis is used, among others, to strengthen and optimize structures and simulate e.g. flow phenomena of different liquids and gases. Professional technical analysis enables the development of better products while also ensuring their operation and safety in almost any industrial application. 

The acquisitions provide an opportunity for Elomatic to broaden its cooperation with the Finnish defense force: it reinforces its naval customership and grants access to new customerships in the air force and army.  

“We have been cooperating with the defense force and, in particular, the navy for a long time. In future we will be developing solutions that e.g. lengthen the life cycles of Hornet fighter jets. As technical analysis experts we help our customers to develop products that better meet end users’ requirements. At the same time, we strengthen the competitiveness of Finnish industry in the ongoing digital transformation,” says Elomatic CEO Patrik Rautaheimo

”Finflo has operated as an independent company for 16 years, during which time our main customers have been the air force and closely related companies Patria Aviation Oy and VTT Oy. Over the 16 years computational fluid dynamics has become a commonplace part of our product development operations. We felt that the time had come to team up with a larger company in order to develop the company and to support the continuation of our operations. The arrangements allow us to offer our customers a more comprehensive offering and more diverse know-how,” says Finflo CEO Timo Siikonen 

"For more than 25 years we have been developing our simulation know-how according to our customers’ needs. Teaming up with Elomatic improves and brings efficiencies to our operations, allowing us to serve our customers more diversely and effectively,” indicates Process Flow Solution CEO Kenneth Eriksson.

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