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World’s largest district heating company implements Caligo flue gas scrubber technology

Caligo Industria Oy, an Elomatic subsidiary, has signed a major deal to deliver a 9,5 MW flue gas scrubber system to Dalkia SA, in Tours France. Dalkia SA is the world’s largest district heating company and a significant player on the European energy market. The deal is worth 1.2 million euros and represents a breakthrough for greater access to the European market. The largest part of the system will be delivered in 2018.

Caligo has grown strongly in 2017 and its order book has practically been full since the beginning of the year. The Dalkia deal creates strong possibilities for future growth. 

– We are the market leader in our special know-how field in Finland. The deal with Dalkia is, above all, a strategic step for us in our internationalization. We are the only company globally that has delivered flue gas scrubbers with integrated heat pumps in such volumes as a basic product line. I believe this is why Dalkia trusted us, says Caligo CEO, Juha Järvenreuna.   

Reduces particles and recovers heat efficiently

The Caligo flue gas scrubber removes Sulphur compounds from the flue gasses produced by biomass heating plants and reduces particle emissions significantly.  At the same time the scrubber recovers residual heat from flue gasses, which can be put to beneficial use. The heat transfer is optimized with an integrated industrial heat pump system. A scrubber equipped with a heat pump enables high heat recovery efficiency at the plant regardless of prevailing conditions. 

The Caligo scrubber reduces heating plants’ fuel needs and is particularly well suited to plants that make use of wet wood chips or peat. The most marked savings are achieved when the technology reduces the use of oil or natural gas during peak demand periods.

– We have convinced important customers in both Finland and France about our solution. We strongly believe that our product family will revolutionize district heating markets worldwide. A concrete example of the rapid changes in the market is the fact that our system allows the burning of wet wood chips at plants without any energy losses. In fuel logistics the changes are dramatic: there is no longer any need to dry and store wood chips. The energy efficiency of heating plants can be taken to a new and markedly higher level. Wood chip piles and roadside fuel wood stacks may soon disappear from the Finnish countryside, says Järvenreuna.