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Stronger focus on benefitting from industrial design

Elomatic is strengthening its focus on benefitting from industrial design in 2017. Design company Vesavisio and Elomatic have entered into a framework agreement that places new industrial design resources at Elomatic’s disposal to support existing in-house industrial design expertise.

Elomatic’s head of industrial design, Jukka Mikkonen, and Vesa Jääskö from Vesavisio have decades’ of experience in product development and service design of consumer goods and investment targets.

The focus on industrial design means, in practice, that industrial design is included in project sales and customer projects so that Elomatic’s competitiveness as a provider of industrial design is enhanced. The primary goal is to integrate industrial design in development and engineering services offered to customers. This allows Elomatic to reach and serve an even greater range of customers.

For more information please contact:

Jukka Mikkonen / jukka.mikkonen@elomatic.com / +258 40596 1746
Vesa Jääskö / vesa@vesavisio.com / +358 50531 1206