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Elomatic turnover reaches 55 million euros

Elomatic’s turnover grew by 6% in 2016 to a record 55 million euros. The Elomatic Group hired almost 100 new employees during the financial year. The outlook for the company is positive and almost 12% growth is predicted for 2017, with turnover set to peak at 61 million euros.

One factor behind the strong growth forecast is the Global Class cruise ship design project that Elomatic signed with MV Werften, Germany in 2016. It is the largest project in Elomatic’s history – 430 man-years in total. The project will be completed in 2020. 

The machinery and equipment manufacturing business area, as well as the industrial projects business area exceeded their budgeted volumes for 2016 and in these sectors the outlook is also positive at the start of the year.  

"The outlook is significantly brighter than a year ago. Our customers’ product development and investment projects are starting up better and this is reflected in our order book. There are interesting projects on offer for experts both in Finland and abroad. We have recruited many new employees to meet the demands of our growing order book and this will continue in 2017,” says Elomatic Group CEO Patrik Rautaheimo.

By the end of 2017 it is expected that Elomatic will have over 800 staff. 

Elomatic’s daughter companies also going strong 

CADMATIC Ltd, which develops and markets 3D design and information management software, is part of the Elomatic Group. In 2016 the company also achieved a record turnover: 14 million euros. Industrial digitalization will continue creating strong growth potential for the company around the world. 

The acquisition of just over a year ago strengthened our position and we are a market leader in some segments,” says CADMATIC CEO Jukka Ranatala. 

Caligo Industria, a cleantech company that delivers flue gas scrubbers and heat recovery systems, has a strong outlook for 2017. It has already received orders for 5 scrubber deliveries to the value of about 2,7 million euros. The company was founded in 2013 and its mission is to develop into one of the most significant Nordic technology firms in its sector.   

“We have got a strong base in Finland and the international market will open up to us in 2017,” indicates Caligo Industria CEO Juha Järvenreuna.