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Finnish Border Guard uses Elomatic's EloWise Ship Life Cycle Management system

In the autumn of 2016 the Finnish Boarder Guard took an updated version of the Elomatic’s EloWise Ship Life Cycle Management system into use. The system is used for maintenance and technical data administration of the offshore patrol vessels Turva, Tursas and Uisko.

The EloWise system was first taken into use by the Finnish Boarder Guard in 2014.

The most visible new features of the EloWise system is the renewed dashboard, which now includes direct functions that make daily work on board more straightforward and efficient. The dashboard also shows the current and historical maintenance performance graphically.  

Another improvement on Tursas and Uisko is the 360° panorama orientation functionality. It allows the user to locate equipment or orientate himself on board with the use of a Google Street View like interface. 

Ship Lifecycle Management based on a virtual ship model 

The EloWise concept combines operational management with document- and equipment management supported by 3D virtual ship interfaces. As part of the concept Elomatic offers qualified support for system implementation as well as data generation and updating. 

Easy access to information 

By integrating the EloDoc document management system, the 3D eBrowser or the 360° panorama tool, and a powerful equipment and material database, the EloWise solution provides an excellent tool for storing and retrieving technical information relevant for operating a ship or a plant. 

When the information is kept up-to-date significant operational savings are gained. The interlinked information can easily be obtained by exploring throughout the navigation tree hierarchy, by searching the database with words, or by browsing the 3D model or the 360° panorama views. 

Reliable maintenance 

The maintenance program is defined as function specifications in the EloWise database and maintenance tasks are automatically generated from these specifications. The timing of the tasks depends on the calendar or running hours got from the automation system. Spare parts and other material information as well as storage data is defined and the stock status is kept up-to-date based on input of storage events.  

Manuals and drawings needed for a particular maintenance task are directly available through references in the task card. EloWise keeps track of the maintenance task status and the overall situation is shown in a dashboard view. Relevant reports and statistics can be generated as required.