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Joint first prize in Clean Vallisaari innovation competition

Elomatic Oy’s and Gaia Consulting Oy’s Virgin Island entry was awarded joint first prize in the Clean Vallisaari innovation competition in Helsinki on 1.9.2016.

A wide range of experts from different business units took part in the project to produce the winning entry. The judges made particular mention of the team's attention to closed circuits and innovative infrastructure solutions. 

The Virgin Island vision is based on the desire to preserve the island’s natural and cultural heritage, while at the same time creating a world class destination for ecotourism, nature visits, recreation and cleantech innovation. 

Competition entrants had to provide solutions built around three main themes: sustainable water supply and sewage treatment, sustainable energy solutions and efficient use of materials, as well as innovative solutions for user interface and systems management. 

The main Virgin Island concepts for sustainable water supply and sewage treatment are dry composting toilets, a local water circuit and hovering infrastructure pathways. 

With regards sustainable energy solutions and efficient use of materials, the team has proposed cave air, a solar power system, and other renewable energy generation methods such as retro windmills and underwater kinetic energy converters. 

The main solutions for interface and system management are modular floating structures, Cleantech ShowCaves and gamification. Unnecessary infrastructure construction on the island itself is avoided by utilizing modular floating structures, which adjust according to seasonal fluctuation in visitor numbers and the development of the island. 

Virgin Island -poster (pdf)

For more information please contact:

Anita Vuorenmaa, Energy and Environmental Specialist 
Elomatic Oy
tel. +358 40 5609 123 

Pekka Pokela, Business Director  
Gaia Consulting Oy
tel. +358 40 544 1582

Laura Descombes, Senior Expert   
Gaia Consulting Oy,
tel. +358 50 520 8818