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Elomatic showing strong growth – promising business developments in Iran

Elomatic Group’s turnover for the 2015 financial year increased by almost 15% to 52 million euros, which is a new record level. At the same time its number of employees jumped to near 800. The company aims to increase its turnover to 200 million euros by the end of 2020. Developing and new emerging markets are central to the company’s growth strategy and in 2015, among others, Elomatic signed two pharmaceutical industry deals in Iran.

Patrik Rautaheimo has been the Elomatic CEO since the beginning of the year. “In the near future a significant part of our growth will come from turnkey device and process deliveries both in Finland and abroad. We will also be focusing strongly on developing our traditional engineering and consulting business, but growth in this area will be measured. Organic growth will feature prominently, but acquisitions are also possible, explains Patrik Rautaheimo. 

According to Olli Manner, who recently took up the position of Chairman of Elomatic Board of Directors, the company can be satisfied with its growth in 2015. The know-how of the personnel is at a good level and Elomatic is in a strong position to sustain growth and expand business operations.  

Promising business opportunities in Iran

Since 2014 Elomatic has be closely looking into business opportunities in Iran and during the 2015 financial year already signed two deals with Iranian pharmaceuticals companies. Elomatic will assist the companies to develop their operations to meet international GMP production standards and to prepare new investments. 

Initially Elomatic has been particularly interested in the pharmaceutical market, which from a Finnish perspective is vast. 

“There are almost 100 significant pharmaceuticals producers in Iran and there is demand for Finnish know-how and ways of working, even though competition is tough”, says Project Manager Stefan Åkerman.

The removal of sanctions against Iran will ensure positive developments and markedly ease practical arrangements. In addition to pharmaceutical projects there is demand for Elomatic’s oil and gas know-how in Iran. Patrik Rautaheimo believes that positive news in that sector will also be forthcoming in 2016.