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Cadmatic and NCG combine business operations

Elomatic's subsidiary Cadmatic Oy has acquired all the shares and business operations of Numeriek Centrum Groningen BV (NCG). This is valid from the 16th of September 2015. The acquisition doubles Cadmatic’s number of employees and raises its turnover to 15 million euros.

Cadmatic and NCG representatives after signing the contract

Cadmatic and NCG have 23 years’ successful cooperation in business and software development. As a result of the long cooperation the jointly developed NUPAS-CADMATIC software is a leading design and engineering software application in the world. The companies have a complementary offering with no overlap. NCG specializes in hull and steel design software and Cadmatic in piping, outfitting and plant design software.

The strategic acquisition now seals the cooperation and forms a leading international design and engineering software development vendor, which is widely used by marine and plant designers, builders and owners worldwide. After the strategic acquisition Cadmatic Group now employs 110 people.

“The acquisition supports our growth strategy and provides us with great opportunities to combine and optimize our business and software development visions, strategies and operations. The target is to offer the most competitive integrated software solution for marine and plant design, engineering and related digital information management”, says Mr. Jukka Rantala, CEO of Cadmatic Group.

“We are very enthusiastic about this important strategic step forward. By combining forces the value we can offer to our customers will be maximized. The plans that we have with NUPAS-CADMATIC and CADMATIC software can be much better realized now that we are one company”, says Mr. Theodoor de Jonge, CCO of Cadmatic Group.

New logo and branding

As part of merging the operations of Cadmatic and NCG the branding of the jointly developed software has been renewed and streamlined. All products will fall under the Cadmatic brand name, meaning that Nupas-Cadmatic software will be known as Cadmatic software. Cadmatic Ltd’s software solutions for plant design will continue to be branded under the Cadmatic name.

New colour codes have been introduced for the different business areas under Plant Design Solutions, Marine Design Solutions and Information Management solutions. These are visible on the renewed company web pages. Branding changes will be introduced in a step-by-step fashion and customers will be kept informed about the changes as they come along.

More information:

CEO Cadmatic Group: Jukka Rantala: +358-40-5287130, jukka.rantala@cadmatic.com

CCO Cadmatic Group: Theodoor de Jonge: +31-6-51818237, jonge@ncg.nl

Company in brief

Cadmatic and NCG have cooperated since 1992 and are leading developers and suppliers of 3D design, engineering and information management software for the marine, process and energy industries. Cadmatic develops plant, machinery, piping and outfitting software for plant and marine industries, whereas NCG develops hull and steel structural software. NUPAS-CADMATIC is the jointly developed integrated solution for the complete design and engineering of marine vessels and constructions.

There are over 700 NUPAS-CADMATIC and CADMATIC software clients in 55 countries worldwide. The company’s main offices are located in Finland and in the Netherlands. It also has personnel in India, China, Dubai, Singapore, Italy, Hungary and Russia, as well as certified resellers and support partners in over 15 countries in Europe, Asia and America.