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Elomatic celebrates 45th birthday

In 2015 Elomatic celebrates its 45th birthday. The company has grown steadily over the decades and currently employs about 750 professionals. In addition to traditional consulting and engineering Elomatic has recently also expanded into the industrial product and turnkey delivery markets.

Ari Elo from Turku, Finland established the company in 1970. Today he is the chairman of the company’s board of directors. Olli Manner has been the CEO since 1996.

Elomatic has a long tradition in ship design, but has diversified over the years and developed special industrial expertise, among others, in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, pulp and paper, chemicals as well as machinery and device manufacturing. Elomatic has six offices in Finland and eight abroad.

Elomatic is also a well-known engineering software house and 7000 licenses of its Cadmatic 3D design software solution, which was developed in-house by Elomatic in the 1990s, has been sold in 55 countries to date.

Elomatic moves its headquarters to the “White House”

In 1999 Elomatic’s premises on Vähäheikkilä Street in Turku were no longer sufficient to support the growing company. It was at this time that it relocated to the “White House” on the bank of the Aura River.

”The move to the White House made Elomatic more attractive as an employer of professionals. The company’s organic growth has been strong ever since and has also been supported by a few acquisitions. We considered listing the company at some stage but the current structure is efficient and the company management can quickly make important decisions if needed”, says Elomatic founder Ari Elo.

Elomatic White House, Turku

More growth by expanding product and turnkey delivery business

Alongside traditional engineering and consulting Elomatic has in recent years expanded its product and turnkey delivery operations. A good example is the flue gas scrubber system developed by Elomatic’s daughter company, Caligo Industria Ltd. It is used to clean flue gasses in the process and energy industry and to capture residual heat. The system has been productized and is delivered on a plug-and-play basis.

”Even top know-how is generally not bought as consulting and engineering services. Know-how has to be packaged into products or one must be prepared to take turnkey responsibility for process functioning. Especially our international clients want to buy fully comprehensive services, where one supplier takes care of everything”, says Elomatic CEO Olli Manner.

Caligo Industria flue gas scrubber