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Elomatic pursuing growth by expanding product and turnkey delivery business

Alongside traditional engineering and consulting Elomatic is expanding its product and turnkey delivery operations. Good examples are strongly growing flue gas scrubber deliveries as well as sterile plant turnkey deliveries. With its chosen strategy Elomatic aims to boost growth, which will mainly come from international business operations.

In the strategy implementation Elomatic selects processes and technologies in which it has world class know-how and where it is familiar with and can manage the associated risks, even in difficult operating conditions. These processes and technologies are productized into commercially viable products. At the same time Elomatic is developing and strengthening its resources, acquiring new resources and expertise, among others, in product business operations, procurement and contracting techniques.

A concrete example of the implementation of the new strategy is the flue gas scrubber system developed by Elomatic’s daughter company, Caligo Industria Ltd. It is used to clean flue gasses in the process and energy industry and to capture residual heat. 2014 was a very successful year for the flue gas scrubber business with two significant Finnish energy companies deciding to acquire the system solution. The Caligo solution is also being marketed internationally.

Know-how that is applicable to the new growth strategy are, for example, wheat starch processing technology, sterile liquid production as well as devices for production optimization in the oil and gas industry in desert and arctic climates. Over 7000 licensed Cadmatic software solutions, which were developed and productized by Elomatic in the 1990s, have been delivered to over 55 countries.

”Even top know-how is generally not bought as consulting and engineering services. Know-how has to be packaged into products or one must be prepared to take turnkey responsibility for process functioning. Especially our international clients want to buy fully comprehensive services, where one supplier takes care of everything. Our traditional consulting and engineering business is the basis upon which we can develop the new business operations. The idea is to grow that too, but growth opportunities in this field are limited and its relative part of the overall business will decrease as time goes by”, says Elomatic CEO Olli Manner.